Memory of Decay

Feel free to skip this post – I might get a wee bit vulnerable… You were forewarned: This week has been especially lonely and self-reflective. Maybe it’s the start of the holiday season. Or maybe it’s the lack of foreigner interaction? If I can speak candidly, life overseas is not all fun stories and awkward […]

Tianjin International Fellowship

I found where all the foreigners are! Well, at least half of them. They meet at the Tianjin International Fellowship here in town on Sunday mornings. I first read about this place in Jin Magazine when I first got here. But last week, I got personally invited by a new friend from Guyana. Since my […]

We Plan, God Laughs (The Slow Boat To China)

It’s been a crazy few months, albeit with fun road trips, long cross-cultural adventures, and hard-to-say goodbyes… But with all of this, the reality of my fast-approaching transition has hit full-force – I’m really moving out of the country in less than a week. I think the last time I wrote, back in May, I […]

delirious? has a new one

I just acquired the new delirious? album and it’s hot. A couple of years ago, I was on tour with Acquire the Fire and these guys were with us almost every weekend. (Boy, do I have some stories…) They’re very big in the UK and are becoming bigger here in the US…their new album is […]

Multiple “groups” of friends…

Before last night, I thought I had two separate groups of friends. You know what I mean? I had my friends that I’ve known since high school and through church and that have stuck around the MN area… AND, I have my friends that I’ve met at the Honor Academy in Texas. After a semester […]