Hi there! My name is Daniel,
but my friends call me DK~

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Developing & designing your WordPress website

Hire me now to take care of all of your web-related needs:

Is WordPress driving you crazy?

I understand that WordPress, and websites in general, can be a bit daunting… but don’t worry, I can guide you with all the things each step of the way!
And I don’t just help you make great websites, I help you create automatic sales machines that actually convert your site’s visitors into paying customers for you. As you sleep.

Does your site look outdated?

Your design from 10 years ago probably won’t cut it anymore in today’s world. The fact of the matter is that your web presence is largely your very first impression for 95% percent of potential customers.
I hate to tell you this but if your website looks old or cluttered in any way, you’re probably losing customers. Don’t worry about that either! Hire me to give your WordPress website a facelift.

Take a look at a recent site:

"Our old site was from the pre-2005 era. It needed to be modernized and updated and we're so thankful we found DK - he's a real person that really cared about getting us the website we wanted. We're definitely going to hire him again to create our non-profit foundation's site, too..."

Clark Saucier

Just 3 Simple Steps
To Your New Website...


Schedule a Call

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The first step is sometimes the hardest, but I strive to make it as easy as possible. All you need to do is book a call through one of the orange buttons, choose your best available time, and provide your information. We can use most any method you prefer: Phone, Google Meet, Skype… you choose.
We will discuss the scope of your project and exactly what you’re hoping to accomplish. If you’re ready to get started right away, you could also provide budgetary and deadline details, too…
Once we decide on all the nitty gritty details and sign a simple contract that protects both of us, I will immediately start wire-framing and mocking up your new site.
The plan will consist of laying out everything you need and a doable timeline for when it will get done.
You will send me all relevant content, photos, and graphics that you’ll want included.


Make a Plan

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Get a Website!

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For the average website development and design project, it will take between 2 weeks to 2 months to get it done to perfection.
Throughout the whole process, you’ll be able to view changes as they happen and send feedback as often as you want. I’m not satisfied till you’re satisfied!

This recent site needed a little help:

"Simply put, DK has the heart of a teacher. I am not a technical guy but really wanted to make our 'Travel with Kids' website a success and he truly helped me with some WordPress backend issues I had. His style is calm, professional, and he does a great job of helping you understand the process in layman's terms. Highly recommended!"

Jay Sparrow

Your Website Should Be Working For You

Design & Development

Maybe you don't have a blog / website at all or want to completely revamp your old one that's got a few spiderwebs... I can help you get your site started from scratch or just renovate it.

Hosting & Maintenance

Maybe you don't have the time or know-how to keep your web server / hosting updated and site content fresh on your own... I can help you with all of that and more on a monthly basis.

SEO & Digital Marketing

Maybe you have a website already, can manage it on your own, but have absolutely zero idea how to get more people to see it... I can help you with lead magnets, sales funnels, and conversions.


Maybe you want to be able to easily edit the content on your blog... I can help you setup all the bells and whistles, including training.

Multiple Languages

Maybe your audience speaks multiple languages and are located in different countries... I can help you get your site completely multilingual.

Online Payments

Maybe you are selling your products and need to collect payments through your site... I can help you easily connect PayPal or Stripe.


Maybe you want to implement a modern page builder to make your site look beautiful... I can help you get total customization with plugins.


Maybe you're worried about hackers and threat agents screwing up your site... I can help you make sure your website is secure from malware.

Social Media

Maybe you are just starting on social media and need a Twitter or Facebook account... maybe you're a seasoned veteran on those but wants Wechat, too? I can help

Mobile First

Maybe your site looks bad on different size devices... I can help make sure you look good on small screens and big ones alike~

Audio / Video

Maybe you need a site to host your podcasts or Youtube videos... I can set you up with that pronto as long as you smash that subscribe button!

Non-Profit Friendly

Maybe you are a registered charitable organization and don't have a huge budget... that's OK, too! I've helped dozens of churches, NGOs, and charities.

This recent site went from zero to hero:

"I was clueless where to start with my website. I actually only had a Word document! [DK] held my hand as we designed and developed my entire site and digital marketing plan together... Now I'm still a little clueless but automatically getting new leads for my business every day!"

Eliana Sierra Correa

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can provide domain names and manage them for you on an annual basis. But we highly recommend buying them on your own because these are literal assets of your business.

Domain names, also known as URLs (aptly named Uniform Resource Locator), are what people will type into their web browser to find your website.

We recommend choosing a short name that’s easy to spell (and say out loud) that includes at least one relevant keyword about your business. Note that most of the good ones with a ‘.com’ ending might already be taken, so you have to be creative.

Here are a few places to easily search for and buy yourself a domain name:

namesilo.com ($9-12 per year)
namecheap.com ($8-13 per year)

Another great question… this next step is to decide what type of website you want to make and how much ‘space’ you think it will take up on a computer somewhere.

If you’re starting a blog with mostly just text and photos, you do not need much space. But if you’re starting the next Youtube.com, you will need tons of server space for all those high-quality video files you’ll be uploading regularly. Make sense?

Here a few good options for affordable web hosting services:

eleven2.com ($4+ per month)
bluehost.com ($3.95+ per month)
licosys.com ($5-50 per month)

After you’ve chosen your ideal web hosting package, you’ll need to connect your domain name and point it to your web server! This is what makes it possible to actually see your site when people type in your URL.

Yes. Through the web hosting service you purchase, you should be able to set up at least one email address @yourdomainname.com… A good service should give you the option of multiple email addresses, too.

If not or if you plan on a high volume of large files being emailed, we highly recommend connecting your domain name's email service to Google GSuite or Zoho. They provide a lot more server space that you won't need to pay your web host for.

It usually takes anywhere between 2 weeks to 2 months to complete a new website. Of course, it always comes down to your feature requirements and when your specific deadlines are.

Request a proposal today to discuss timelines...

Each website has different costs depending on your requirements and I promise to do my best to get your fee within your allocated budget.

We also offer discounts for charities and non-profit organizations.

Request a proposal today...

I want to make it as easy as possible to get paid, so I can work with whatever payment method you prefer.

Paypal, Stripe, Venmo, Zelle, Bank Transfers

I even accept mailed checks~

Totally. As part of my website development service, I can offer you and your team 2 hours of included WordPress training to go over all the basics of mastering this user-friendly platform. If you need additional training, I can discuss that as well.

The reason I love developing with WordPress is that EVERYone can use it. If you can make a Word doc or send an email, you can edit your website with WordPress.

Yes, you'll have full access to all content on your website. You can easily change your website's words at any time.

When it comes to design changes, that might be a little more difficult. You can hire me on a monthly or hourly basis to make small changes going forward.

Well, that’s a very common problem for websites created before say 2014. With the growth and popularity of smartphones and tablet computers, websites needed to change to adapt to the smaller-screen market.

You’ll want to find a designer and developer like me who understands creating “responsive” designs for your site. This automatically adjusts the look-and-feel no matter what the size of the screen. Also, Google Search rankings are now prioritizing all websites that are optimized for viewing on mobile devices. This is why I focus on mobile-first now!

If you do anything after reading my portfolio, make sure your website looks good on your smartphone~

Yes, if you already have a WordPress website and just need small scale changes that don't involve a complete redesign, I can also help with that.

Schedule a call with me today and we can discuss an hourly rate for your specific project...

Another recent site:

"For my real estate website, I needed an optimized fast-loading user-friendly site for my clients to browse all our available units... DK was in constant contact with us throughout the process and made sure every aspect was just right. We've been hiring him on a monthly basis ever since!"

Robin Liu

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