My name is Daniel, but my friends call me DK… I travel, eat, and listen to music – in that order. When I’m not doing those three things, I like to dabble in web design & development, linguistics, the arts, reading, and riding the ‘ol bicycle. I most appreciate meeting new people, learning their culture, and eating their food.

I’m currently living and working in Tianjin, China. My main job here is the director of the American Cultural Center for Sport through a partnership of the University of Minnesota and Tianjin University of Sport. More importantly, though, I’m studying the ridiculously complicated Chinese language.

Thanks for visiting! Stick around, I’d love to hear your thoughts…

朋友好! 欢迎到我的网站…

我的中文名字是大牛,但我的朋友们叫我DK。我特别喜欢旅游, 美食, 音乐。当我没有做那些三件事情, 我喜欢涉足网页设计及开发, 语言学, 艺术, 阅读, 自行车。我最欣赏结识新朋友, 学习他们的文化, 吃他们的食物。