delirious - Mission BellI just acquired the new delirious? album and it’s hot. A couple of years ago, I was on tour with Acquire the Fire and these guys were with us almost every weekend. (Boy, do I have some stories…)

They’re very big in the UK and are becoming bigger here in the US…their new album is called “The Mission Bell” and it’s all about missions. I love it. The music is pretty much the same as always, but very solid, and the lyrics are amazing.

One song is titled, “Our God Reigns.” It speak of some of the injustice going on in the world today, but that through it all, God is still reigning true and in control…

God didn”t screw up when He made you,
He’s a Father who loves to parade you.

Forgive us all, forgive us please,
As we fight for this broken world on our knees.