Chinese Caption Contest #457

This one even has some English and I have no clue what it could mean… Two questions: Where can I get one!? Where can I get another one?

I finally ate at KFC

If God grants me longer life, I will see to it that no peasant in my kingdom will lack the means to have a chicken in the pot every Sunday. -Henri IV There it stood. That multi-level “western” food flashiness: K. F. C. I knew I shouldn’t, but its power was too great. I was […]

A Subtle Reminder – My Birthday is April 9

That gives you a week or two to get a little somethin’ somethin’ in the mail. I posted back in October my mailing address, and many of you have sent some amazing things! For that, I am very thankful. Receiving postcards, cards, letters, and packages is the highlight of my week – keep ‘em coming! […]

My First Chinese New Year

The fireworks have stopped. All but one of my favorite noodle shops has reopened. The old man barber down the street has started to cut people’s hair again. I got a letter in the mail that was sent over two months ago. The new teaching semester at school has begun. Is the New Year celebration […]

Chinese Caption Contest #453

“Global warming: destroying penguins’ earth-shaped umbrellas for centuries…” What do YOU think it means?

The Beijing – Tianjin Bullet Train

Remind me to tell you this awesome train story from Italy some day! It involves 20 teenagers, 20+ American-sized luggages, a closed train bathroom, and a 6 hour train ride. Actually, don’t remind me of that. Never ever remind me of that. Feel free to remind me of the bullet train I took from Tianjin […]

Chinese Food 101: Basic Ingredients

“Never eat Chinese food in Oklahoma.” – Bryan Miller Agreed. I would add Wisconsin to that statement as well. To get the best, most authentic Chinese food, you need to know what you’re looking for. If you’re not from China and you’ve never been to China or Chinatown you might lack this ability, but not […]

R.I.P. Laptop The Dog, my dog

My dog of 12 years, Laptop, has gone where all dogs eventually go… and I wasn’t there to be with him his last months. His breed was Schnoodle. He was the best and only dog I’ve ever had. He was loved by many and feared by few. He was a crazy little mutt who thought […]

Chinese Caption Contest #449

What the crap is this!? I know it doesn’t have any Chinese characters to help try to figure it out, but I still can’t even imagine… This is all I came up with: “Santa’s New Pet of Choice” or “The Big C Gov’t has finally banned reindeers” What do YOU think it’s for?

My Favorite Songs, Albums, and Live Shows from 2009

If you couldn’t tell, I love music. And I’ve only come to really love it in the past few years… way too late in the game, I tell you. In my opinion, appreciating and enjoying music is an art that can help you in numerous ways. For example – music increases brain function. It relieves […]