That gives you a week or two to get a little somethin’ somethin’ in the mail. I posted back in October my mailing address, and many of you have sent some amazing things! For that, I am very thankful. Receiving postcards, cards, letters, and packages is the highlight of my week – keep ‘em coming!

I just thought I’d remind ya’ll that my birthday was coming up just in case you wanted to send something…

Anywhere is walking distance, if you’ve got the time.
-Stephen Wright

You could click the Amazon Wish List for a few ideas, or consult this subtle list:
1. Anything handmade or handwritten (gotta love the gifts from the heart)
2. Pictures of you that I can put up on my wall (my wall is so bare)
3. Fortune cookies (so many people have asked what these are, I’d love to show ‘em!)
4. Books (literally, anything)
5. Starbucks Gift Cards (yep, they work here!)
6. Easy Mac (I can get the boxed stuff, but it’s difficult to get good milk and butter)
7. Sunday morning comics (except Family Circus)
8. Pants (36 waist x 36 inseam, but I’m losing weight fast)
9. Shoes (they really don’t have size 13 here, folks… aren’t they made here, though?)
10. A wife (I know what you’re thinking)

That is all.