I apologize for my poor English skills ahead of time… I’ve really immersed myself in Chinese this semester and my native language has definitely taken a nose dive. Don’t tell the university where I teach English! They’ll never know.

Summer Me Go Home Home = Heck yeah, I’m coming home for the summer! (Is that grammatically correct?)

After almost two years of life in China and travels to North Korea, Western China, Vietnam, and Bangladesh, I’ve decided to spend a holiday back home with the people that care about me the most.

And it’s long overdue!

Please check your calendars and let me know when you’d like to meet up… I’d love to catch up on your lives and, of course, share about mine. If you have a small group or a big group that wants to hear about “overseas life,” I’d definitely consider sharing with them, too. Ask me anything!

When and where will you be?

TutoredI’m arriving home to Minneapolis, Minnesota, at the end of June, to firstly spend some quality time with my family and friends for a few weeks. I’ll be traveling to Washington, DC, to spend some time with various friends on the East Coast maybe in August? Back to Minnesota for the end of August.

There will be a weekend somewhere when I go to Chicago. Maybe spend a weekend up north at a lake. Maybe short trips around MN and surrounding states? Any road trip ideas?

I will head back to China by September. Make sure all of our adventures are completed before then. I’m afraid my time home will go by way too quickly.

What will you do whilst home?

threegirlsI can tell you what I won’t be doing: having dinner with three beautiful Chinese girls at the same time! Hey oh! It’s possible, but unlikely.

Anyways, my options are really endless. What else would someone who hasn’t been in America for two years want to do?

Food (literally anything), Twins games (or any sporting event), Guthrie tickets (or any theater), live music (of any size or genre), cabins up north (or south or west), State Fair (self-explanatory), walks around the lakes (or rivers), more food (maybe not Americanized Chinese?), coffee/tea (or milk tea), and free things (like food!)…

And to be frank, I won’t have too much money to spend this summer, so if we’re deciding between things, I’d prefer the cheaper option… You know what I mean? Thanks. Good thing it doesn’t cost anything to just hang out!

How can I best support you?

Student CircleMany of you want to help in various ways and with various resources while I’m at home. Here are my thoughts:

Does anyone have an extra car I could use for a couple months? In Minnesota or DC?

How about a two-month SIM card for my cell phone?

Any spare frequent flier miles laying around?

Who’d like to fill me in on recent pop culture/politics?

Anyone like to help me go shopping? I desperately need an entirely new wardrobe. For lack thereof and for lack of fasion know-how. (My second to last pair of shorts just ripped yesterday. Come on!)

Anybody know a cheap doctor and dentist to get check-ups at? My Chinese insurance won’t cover things in the States.

How about a counselor? Being home might be a tad bit overwhelming.

Does anyone have a record player I could borrow for the summer? I sold mine before I left, but saved my favorite vinyls.

Oh, and I’m thinking about taking up the banjo.. Anyone have one they don’t want?