Chinese Caption Contest #464

At first, I thought it said, “No Black People Allowed”… but then I figured it out. What do you think it means?

Chinese Caption Contest #461

I think the four marketing points say, “I’m American. I’m white. I’m cool… I’m Todd.” Who would want to study from a guy named Todd, anyways!? (Hopefully I don’t have any readers named Todd.)

Chinese Caption Contest #457

This one even has some English and I have no clue what it could mean… Two questions: Where can I get one!? Where can I get another one?

Chinese Caption Contest #453

“Global warming: destroying penguins’ earth-shaped umbrellas for centuries…” What do YOU think it means?

Chinese Caption Contest #449

What the crap is this!? I know it doesn’t have any Chinese characters to help try to figure it out, but I still can’t even imagine… This is all I came up with: “Santa’s New Pet of Choice” or “The Big C Gov’t has finally banned reindeers” What do YOU think it’s for?

Chinese Caption Contest #442

I think it says, “Look! … up in the sky! … it’s a bird! No. … a plane! No. … It’s Supertrainattendants!” What do YOU think it says?

Chinese Caption Contest #431

I recognize a couple of the characters, but I have absolutely no idea what the crap this is trying to say… maybe, “Don’t try and drink your car – it might break your glass.” What do YOU think it means?