Chinese Caption Contest #449

What the crap is this!? I know it doesn’t have any Chinese characters to help try to figure it out, but I still can’t even imagine… This is all I came up with: “Santa’s New Pet of Choice” or “The Big C Gov’t has finally banned reindeers” What do YOU think it’s for?

Tianjin at Night

I fell in love with Tianjin all over again on my way back from Beijing. I was coming in to the train station late that night and once I stepped foot above ground, I saw these beautiful sights! The banks of the Hai He River apparently come to life after dark with these amazing lights […]

Chinese Caption Contest #442

I think it says, “Look! … up in the sky! … it’s a bird! No. … a plane! No. … It’s Supertrainattendants!” What do YOU think it says?

Top Ten Random Treasures Left Behind In My New Apartment

I’m finally somewhat settled into my new apartment here in Tianjin. (Well, except that the washing machine was broken and the landlord refused to pay for it for the longest time because he thought I had broken it when I touched one of the buttons and he was going to charge 700 RMB to fix […]

Chinese Caption Contest #431

I recognize a couple of the characters, but I have absolutely no idea what the crap this is trying to say… maybe, “Don’t try and drink your car – it might break your glass.” What do YOU think it means?