Chinese Caption Contest #464

At first, I thought it said, “No Black People Allowed”… but then I figured it out. What do you think it means?

A Lesson in Language Learning

So I was out with my Chinese tutor last week. We were having a great time learning about comparisons and weather patterns, etc. But then in the middle of the lesson, she said something that I didn’t understand at all. Not. A. Word. I kept asking her to repeat it more slowly, again, and again. […]

Chinese Caption Contest #457

This one even has some English and I have no clue what it could mean… Two questions: Where can I get one!? Where can I get another one?

Chinese Caption Contest #453

“Global warming: destroying penguins’ earth-shaped umbrellas for centuries…” What do YOU think it means?

Chinese Caption Contest #442

I think it says, “Look! … up in the sky! … it’s a bird! No. … a plane! No. … It’s Supertrainattendants!” What do YOU think it says?

Mailing Address in China

UPDATED: December 2012 Many people have expressed interest in sending me mail while I’m in China, and to say I’d be more than happy to oblige is an understatement. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a letter or care package from a loved-one is worth at least a million and one. BUT, sending […]

It’s Pronounced, “Tea and Gin”

I’ve been in China for two weeks now! I figure it’s as good a time as ever to start learning the language. In fact, learning Chinese is my number one priority for this year and it’s already been going swell! My little city is a perfect place to hear the common dialect spoken through most […]