A few people have asked what to send me for my birthday this year, so I thought I’d post another little list for everyone. It’s April 9, so that gives you a few days to get a letter or package or email together… I’d love to hear from all of you!

1. Easy Mac (This doesn’t leave my list, but I haven’t had any since last summer!)
2. American candy (Last fall, a friend sent a box entirely of candy! Great idea! Too bad it didn’t last long.)
3. Ranch Dressing powder (Had this in Vietnam! All I need to do is add milk, I think.)
4. Amazon Gift Cards ($27’s a good amount, right?)
5. Books (Most books purchased online can be shipped directly to China! By the way, Rob Bell’s new book looks interesting.)
6. Postcards from your hometown (I have many walls to post them on.)
7. Random reminders of home (I don’t know, fortune cookies?)
8. Comic Strips (After I read them, I use them in English class…)
9. Anything handmade or handwritten (Gifts from the heart are priceless.)
10. Pictures of you! (I miss you guys.)

Also, there’s a wishlist on Amazon, if you’d like to browse it.

My mailing address, in case you’ve forgotten:

Tianjin, Hedong District
No. 63 Chenglin Road
Tianjin Polytechnic University
International Office – Daniel Konold