Ferris Wheel at Water Park

This weekend in Beijing, I get to see my adopted Chinese family who took me under their wings when I was in Wuhan three years ago… I’m a tad bit excited! Any ideas on what I can bring them? (Here’s an old post with some pictures: My Chinese Family) My anticipation for seeing them got me thinking – do any of you remember some of those stories from my first time in China? Here are some of the best:

Dance Party!? I Think Not – A story when I got hoaxed into going to this dance party that was not a dance party at all, but rather a make-fun-of-the-foreigner party.

KTV & The Rabbit Dance Contest – My first experience with a KTV and boy was it a memorable one!

Go fly a kite. Okay. – A story where I tried, unsuccessfully, to fly a little kite while what seemed like the whole world was watching.

The Football Fiasco – A hilarious story of my friends and I being forced to play a soccer game that had epic ramifications.

DVD Heaven – My Chinese sister and I got asked to go into the “underground” DVD production area and found racks upon racks of illegal DVDs.

Spectacular Spectacular – Our school’s little trip to the Yellow Mountains.

Our “performance” was a Success! – A short story, with pictures, of that crazy performance we had to do in front of 2,000 people. There is video, but only a select few have seen it. (And my mother has a DVD of this hidden somewhere that I still need to burn.) Oh, and here’s a post of the synopsis: The Search for the Golden Flowers

And then there’s some lame videos I made:

Foreign Friends Commercial – A video I helped produce for my Chinese friend Julie. It won first place in the region, but lost at the provincial level. Also, it’s my most-watched video on YouTube if that says anything.

DK-Today Videocast from March 31, 2006 – Forgive my lameness, but there’s some good shots of some of the sights I saw. At the end, there’s a little song performed by a minority group.

DK-Today Videocast from May 10, 2006 – Another one with some good shots, but also with my favorite Chinese song of all time!

Hopefully I’ll have a comparable list for three years from now!