Chinese Caption Contest #464

Chinese Caption Contest #464

At first, I thought it said, “No Black People Allowed”… but then I figured it out. What do you think it means?


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  • JT

    No man is an island.

    • DK

      I like it!

  • Sfischer

    travel in pairs…never alone…

    • DK


  • Jill

    No men allowed. Women only.

    • DK

      Clever genderism as usual.

  • Joel

    How about: “This wall is not a urinal.”

  • Invictus8

    Oh, look. He alluded to the ominous specter of the American fetish that is “racism.” “omg, chinese are like so weird, it looks almost like they’re saying something bad about….*gasp*…black people!!!” 请勿停留. No loitering. Predictably, not a single guffawing smartass American dimwit knew it.